floor displays

When you own a bricks and mortar store, your marketing and advertising plans need to be solid. The aim is to sell as many products as possible and to do this, you need to have a solid marketing plan in place. One of the easiest ways to market your products and increase your sales is by using floor displays. Floor displays are a great addition to your store. They can be used when there is excess room to be filled, put in places where people will have to walk past. Or added near the checkout line so that they can browse whilst they are waiting to pay for their items. Check out below the benefits of a floor display and how they can help you to increase your sales.

They can be portable

The great thing about floor display units is that they are portable. This means that you can change where they are located in your store and move them to where they will see the most traffic.

You can change the look and feel of your store with floor displays. If you notice that the display is starting to get light on stock, but you don’t have enough to refill it, you can move it to a different location and bring forward one that has more stock.

The versatility of a floor display means that you can constantly have stock moving and changing without a great deal of work behind it.

They are eye catching

One of the biggest benefits to a floor display is that they are eye catching. They are purposely made to a height that is going to catch the attention of people walking past. They are almost at eye level meaning that the customers that see it are likely to have a proper look.

The different colours that your display can come in also help to make them eye catching and pleasing to those in the shop. It is important to think about the colours and choose ones that will not only look good in your store, but will also catch the attention of those walking past.

They come in different shapes and sizes

If you are wanting to display something in your shop, the chances are we have a display for you. Floor displays come in many different shapes and sizes. This makes them ideal for various product types.

At Cardboard Display, we have a huge range of floor displays available to suit all your needs. With displays varying in the size, the number of shelves and the type of shelf. We can work with you to determine the best display for you and your products.

They are cost effective

Not all businesses have a large marketing budget which means that funds that are available need to be spent wisely. Floor displays are a great way to get your products out on the floor and in front of customers, without a huge cost.

Displays are a cost effective way to market your products and have them on display. You can have your displays branded so that they are showing the details of your business or the details of the product that you have on display.

They help to get excess stock out

Another reason to use floor displays is to get excess stock out on the shop floor. When you have excess stock that will not all fit on the standard shelves, using a display stand is a great way to get it out. It means that there is more stock available for the customers to browse through. It also means that you are able to clear out your back room or storage area and keep it looking cleaner and more organised.

Floor displays are a great addition to any shop. They can work in both small and large settings. At Cardboard Display, we work with you to find the best display for your products and that will make them stand out the most. We can custom make and brand your displays for you to give them a personal touch. For all your display needs, get in touch with the team today.

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