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Make One Of Our Pegboard Display Stands Your Next Purchase

Are you a retailer looking for new and exciting ways to display your products? Well, why not try a pegboard display stand from us at Cardboard Display. Our large variety of pegboard displays are perfect for showing off those special items you just know customers will fall in love with. No matter the size of your store, we have something for everyone, offering exceptional displays guaranteed to stand out. But if you’re worried about how to utilise our pegboards to your advantage, don’t be as we’re here to help, offering a few ideas and tips to spark your creativity.

Creative Pegboard Display Ideas For Retailers

So you’re not quite sure how to make your pegboard stand out. Not a problem. Below is a list of ideas you could adopt to make the most out of your newest pegboard display:

  • Colour blocking. This is a fantastic technique for grabbing customers’ attention. It can draw them in and entice them to make a purchase. If it looks this great displayed, of course, it’s bound to look even better in one’s home or office. Your pegboard will show them this.
  • Showcase a variety of your best items. Put your pegboard displaying some of your best sellers in your shop window for full effect. This will give customers on the outside an insider look into your products.
  • Clothes stores can showcase the front and back of items. Hang two of the same sock set so customers can see what it looks like from all angles.
  • Keep related items close. Model your displays for upselling purposes. If related articles are close by either on the pegboard or near it, customers can visualise the relationship and may be inclined to make further purchases.
  • Tell a story if you can. Specifically great for clothes and accessory stores, pegboards allow retailers to tell stories. For example, you might want to use your pegboard to show a fully put together outfit, pinning a hat, wallet, socks and a wristband for visual effects.
  • Remember that you don’t have to use every hole. You don’t want to overdo it. The great thing about pegboards is they let you display your products wherever you like, but keep in mind that clutter is chaos, and you want your pegboard display to be clear and accessible.

Organise Your Products With A Pegboard Display Stand By Cardboard Display

For over a decade, our team at Cardboard Display has been providing Australian businesses with premium product display boxes made to last. We remain unmatched in our field, combining our expertise and knowledge with our high-quality designs and impeccable customer service. With the option for customisation, we offer a huge variety of cardboard display options for retailers and other businesses. So whether you’re on the lookout for a pegboard display stand, cardboard dump bins, brochure stands, or any other cardboard displays, we can guarantee we have something for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about how our quality cardboard displays can elevate your business.

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