The Coffee industry continues to boom with the demand for coffee increasing. Now is the perfect opportunity to launch your coffee brand. Do you have an amazing wholesale coffee brand you think would thrive in retail aisles?

Ready to take the next step and pitch your coffee brand to retailers? It can seem like a huge challenge but it’s easy when you have Cardboard Display to lead you in the right direction.

Get noticed with a point of sale display that you can offer as a strategic sales tool to the retailer. A ready to assemble display stand means they can start selling your product straight away.

In fact supermarkets encourage wholesalers to manufacture their own floor displays because shelf space is becoming more and more expensive to acquire.

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Cardboard Display offer a range of attractive freestanding designs that are sure to impress.

Side Brander With Dividers

Tiered Wood Display Stand

arte coffee display

Cardboard Floor Display Stand



Cardboard Floor Display Stand


red parrot displays

Cardboard Floor Display Stand


Why are product display stands effective sales tools?

Ease of Use

The retailer doesn’t have to worry about trying to fit your product on the already packed shelves. They simply position your display stand where there is floor space. eg. at the end of aisles or near the checkouts.

Unique Selling Point

A point of sale display is an all-in-one marketing and product display giving additional facings and more visibility for a product. The standing template is fully customisable with your brand and marketing message printed for attracting and engaging the customer.


A point of sale display is a stand alone unit allowing your coffee brand to stand out with no other competing brands on the shelf.

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